Getting tired of us hyping Hamburger Ears? Well too bad. Just saw a rough edit of the photos that made the cut for our all music issue and I almost pooped my pants. This baby has been groomed with a fine tooth comb and will undoubtedly bridge time and space through a wormhole of magical musical photography. Will the world at large be able to handle it? Will this photo of Annihilation Time even make the cut? If you were smart, you’d place an advertisement with us and get in on the epicness. You sleep, you lose.

Also, if you’re the bookish type, you may have read Steven Blush’s American Hardcore which just became a movie that is playing in SF tonight. Oh yeah, remember this movie that Ted’s son Jake edited?, that premieres tonight too. But if you wanna get spacey and find out exactly how big the universe is, watch this

3 responses to “Can You Hear It?”

  1. A.Mart Avatar

    Can’t wait to see Ears.

  2. Patrick Avatar

    “a guide to recognizing your saints” is one of the worst movies ive ever seen

  3. deez nuts Avatar
    deez nuts

    ryan you suck