cool costume idea #1: poke 2 holes in a sheet and wear it over your whole self, then roll around in turds, shazam, its the dookie ghost! happy halloween, if you are doing a werewolf, dont forget your hands, its annoying if only your head is wolfy.. this is tina playing with the deadly weapons along with s.t.r.e.e.t.s. and hightower on halloween 2 years ago, around the time when the music issue was supposed to be done.. have fun be safe and dont go too crazy, your old.. some site updates coming i swear..

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  1. Roy Schuster Avatar
    Roy Schuster

    Keep posting those Black & White photographs, no more youtube this isn’t myspace! your strenght is the archive and new Black & White photos… These videos just water down the site…

  2. dinky Avatar

    you’re wrong. this IS myspace. and you’re my friend.

  3. witch stockings Avatar
    witch stockings

    youtube just got flipped bigtime to google, so i have a feeling all that stuff is gonna be gone real soon…

  4. crip walk Avatar
    crip walk

    bring the blogs back you fucking faggots

  5. poopoo Avatar


  6. Sdeeznuts Avatar

    don’t bring back the faggot blogs