shit! new cd! guess what label? hamburger ears records, can you dig it? check out our friends danny and scott and their band SEDAN and buy their cd and support life in general.. we also got a new zine from sweden called cederteg no.1 and a new book from australia called westside by conor o brien, both available at your favorite online cash recepticle, the Photographic Institute of Epicness aka the PIE..

4 responses to “BWCD0000000000001 – SEDAN”

  1. killa cam Avatar
    killa cam

    really rad CD. you should totally buy it. waaay worth it.

  2. nicholas venaglia Avatar
    nicholas venaglia

    these guys are pretty awesome! must cop cd asap.

  3.  Avatar

    i don’t want no CD. I want a new freakin’ issue of Hamburger Eyes!!!! Where’s the new issue?

  4. gilberto Avatar

    shut it fool