lots of artyness happening! listen to chuck, aimee, and zefrey talk the talk and mention hamburger eyes while their at it on zefrey’s radio show frank prattle, (scroll down to the chuck mobley/sf camerwork and aimee de luc/southern exposure interview, while your at it check the other interviews of other folks you might know, like breezy and andrew, chris fitzpatrick, john trippe, rene de guzman aka manila ice, etc) .. and speaking of sf camerawork, we will be participating in their annual auction, holy crap our masterpieces will be displayed next to real masterpieces on dec 2nd.. also, speaking of manila ice, me and dave have been invited to speak with him on a panel discussion on the topic of art and travel along with bill owens and margy boyd (art tours) at the YBCA.. anyways, our buddy mike cancel has been doing a sweet music blog you should check out.. and speaking of music its last call for advertising in the music issue, dont be a hater be a participator.. “but how will i know people are gonna see my ad and even care?” ..because hamburger eyes is distibuted world wide to over 40 countries, (newest subscribers are mamis and papis in puerto rico) and with a run of 3000 copies and a pass along readership level at about 5 (this means someone with a hamburger eyes is most likely gonna show it to their homies, post it up on their coffee tables, bathrooms, camper shells, bowling ball bag, etc..) that means like 15 million people are gonna see your ad and guess what, shazam your the coolest company on the planet mostly because your down with the most epic shit since the big bang or since adam bit the apple.. this photo by our homie paul schiek (check his new blog here) featured in the first ever themed issue of the ridiculously epic hamburger eyes, the music issue, hamburger ears..