this photo of our buddy adam of the mall playing at adobe books by sleepy d who will be representing for burgerworld this weekend in miami for art basel and aqua art which is across the street where steven wolf fine arts will have the hamburger eyes setup, miami beach! what! too tight, they’re expecting like 80,000 visitors or something bonkers like that, so if your there tell someone how cool you are with your hamburger eyes subscription and then they will be obligated to either join us or destroy us, either way i will still eat eggs benedict on sundays..

5 responses to “MOONS OVER MIHAMMY”

  1. rap1 Avatar

    is that jesse in the corner looking like a sucka?

  2. jeezy Avatar

    whateva son.. least I was there.

  3.  Avatar

    jacking in the shadows?

  4. johnny utah Avatar
    johnny utah

    laggin’ on the sight bros….