pour some out for the godfather of soul, mr. dynamite, the hardest working man in show business, soul brother number 1, who passsed away the other night, james brown r.i.p.. life is too short, have a happy new years, get busy, give it up and turn it loose, this photo by andrew mcclintock..

8 responses to “SOUL BROTHER NUMBER 1”

  1. serb Avatar

    you forgot wife beater.

  2. kkk Avatar

    martin luther king had 4 girlfriends and a wife at the same time.

  3. yipes Avatar

    whoa chill, tis the season of forgiveness. i would hate to be remembered for my worstness. that doesnt mean beating up chicks and womanizing is cool and forgivable… well this is a touchy subject and i dont know where im going with this. ol dirty bastard had like 100 kids and was a crackhead. check out the jb tribute on magnumphotos.com

  4. shaq Avatar

    rick james kidnapped girls and made them into slaves and they lived in his closet, probably right next to his gold records and hair extensions. and do we need to talk about michael jackson? kobe bryant? pretty much every celeb is insane. they have to be at some level to be able to do what they do on such a gnarly scale.

  5. ULOVEME Avatar

    all the people mentioned are black. why? ever think about that?
    kill whitey!!! happy new years yo. why aren’t you guys out taking pictures anyway?

  6. SDizzler Avatar

    so he beat his wife and got crunk. he also made white people funky. he made people from all cultures feel the one. and he lived in augusta, ga. the whole time. that’s nuts

  7. fineasspimp Avatar

    i’d like to see what jb smelled like.

  8. esa Avatar

    the following monday I got an email from t-shirthell with james’ picture and dates saying ‘sex machine (if you’re a necrophiliac)