okay people, lots of stuff going on, check out stefan holding the cabinet for our new darkroom sink, read all about it in our new blogggy, its going off.. new tshirts also in the mix, and i think im gonna add a new zine everyday for the next 5 days or maybe 2 a day, cuz we got tons of new ones.. also, i dont usually post these things cuz they are crap, but this photo contest: 2007 PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERS CUP CONTEST has pretty awesome judges, but more importantly an $11,500 prize, watch me win it..

4 responses to “PHOTO JAMMMMINGGGGG”

  1. serb Avatar

    yo busy man you been holdin it down like a wrestler about to win. I can’t say thanks enough thanksthanksthanks the whole crew is really making things happen and I love everyone that helps and cares. This is the best place on earth so if your not down bring something down and you’ll be down. go team- love stefan

  2. sugey Avatar

    i’ll bring down my boner and you can use it how you like.

  3. patrick Avatar

    please put my zine up so i can re-direct some emails to the site

  4. rzz Avatar

    going up today son.