this photo by stefan simikich, new site! check it out : HERE YOU ARE NOW .. thanks to jesse who did the dirty work, and if you didnt know, this is a photo of patrick’s old bedroom and patrick happens to be the dude to do the first solo show at our new spot! check out the new showtime section to see the press release and related links etc.. in other news, new podcast from coldblood’s coldblooded leader bobbylon, and new dvd from bill daniel is super awesome, get one today.. and you know what the celly phone section is going off right about now..

3 responses to “HERE YOU ARE NOW”

  1. LaQuifa Avatar

    Shit, you wouldn’t know French if it jumped up and bit you in the ass! My daddy was from Baton Rouge, so suck a cajun dick bitch!

  2. yikes Avatar

    freedom fries!

  3. adamc Avatar