this is a photo of the great wizard BEARDO who was raised by wolves, eventually sodomized by wolves, and then finally gave birth to a butt baby wizard werewolf.. i think that was the lamest thing i ever wrote on here, im sorry im just excited about having a few days off this weekend.. anywayzzzzz, this photo here by david uzzardi who is now in charge of our black and white film processing services, as of now it will work as a drop off day/pick up day style system, mondays drop off, fridays pickup. more info on the site later, but its alrady in effect so drop off your stuffs.. also, if you havent noticed the RAPTOIDZ crew is going off, last week there was a new podcast and just right now another one, im pretty sure there will be one once a week maybe.. last but not least, if you are in the san diego area this weekend, come out and support our friend terrin who is going through some stuff right now, there’s a benefit sesh, raffle, etc. see you there..