its the long awaited COLDBLOOD podcast! BOBBYLONDON really out did himself, this one like all the others will liquify your brain, fry it in a frying pan, slide in between some toasted buns, and munch munch for breakfast, some fresh oj on the side, maybe a fruits or 2, dont forget this is your brain we are talking about. this podcast eats brains for breakfast, imagine what it will do for dinner ?.. im not scared, eat my brain please, and look out for the COLDBLOOD night second thursdays at the attic, and first saturdays at casanova..


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– warning: eardrums and other parts of your head and face might melt from the from the heat generated by the frying of your brain. (hamburger eyes podcasts are becoming atomic as time goes on. at this rate, nuclear energy facilities will be replaced with our jams by this time next year.)

1) Ennio Morricone- Rodeo
2) The Electric Prunes- Holy are you
3) Mantle Piece- Crosswords and the safety pins
4) Triumvirat- Illusions
5) Grapefruit- Another Game
6) The Fallen Angels- Love, don’t talk to strangers
7) The Fallen Angels- I’ve been thinking
8) Mashmakhan- Nature’s love song
9) Telegraph Ave.- Let me start
10) The 13th floor Elevators- Roller Coaster
11) The Seeds- Just let go
12) Pink Floyd- Lucifer Sam
13) Silver Apples- Lovefingers
14) West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- A child’s guide to good and evil

heres some cool videos bobbylondon found: