hi gang, today i feel like i have all kinds of secret info, the kind of info that maybe i should not, or should wait till later to spill it type deal, i dont know maybe not.. anyways, no matter how many times you wash your face, your pores will always be jammed up blackheads or oil or who knows what, if you dont believe that you are living in a world of delusion, get those biore pore strips, they will blow you away everytime, my new fave thing.. also, we have shows here all the time, but the one up right now is like whuut, peep the photos, and then come see it again and again.. also, check the ethsix blog for a review.. also, dan murphy made a video while visitng, check it out on the megawords site.. also, there has been sightings or our new book everywhere, notably the sfmoma bookstore beeeyatch, craze huh. for some reason we dont have our copies yet, but i was assured we will get them this week, look for them on the site soon or come down to the dojo and we can slide you a copy, check this review of it.. and this photo of a rally in london by brian david stevens, featured in the book, official release and exhibition is next months jam, stay tuned for more..