more photos from the book, this one by jai tanju who was at the book release jam, photos are up, thanks 2 everyone who came.. and if you still arent convinced to buy a book, maybe these links will help you decide: brooklyn rail review, wired interview, fecal face review, vice review, beautiful decay review, and turntable lab always has nice things to say.. speaking of online retailers, amazon is blowing it for eveyone bigtime becuase they can sell it cheap, but they do have nice features.. how about this, starting now a monthly contest for best hamburger eyes book review on amazon, but you still have to buy our book and other cool books off us or any other independant online store.. you will win a book, some tees, back issues, whatever we have.. reviews will be judged on retardedness, originality, and bonus if you do one of those video reviews..