“..Psymulation: Reenactments of the Present will close Saturday, April 12th with an evening of events, including a lecture, catalog release, slide show, sci-fi reading, and sound installation. The exhibition features contemporary artifacts by US artists that, Ed Halter writes, “posit a society haunted by the wartime logic of both PsyOps and BlackOps, in which fact and fiction have become increasingly indistinguishable, and power exerts itself through a thick fog of unknowing.”1 Composite photographs, videos, drawing, taped interviews, and exploded car bomb fragments loudly collide the real and the un / non / hyper / possibly / probably / imponderably / unconscionably (real) in a time when our present is the Administration’s past, when they exist in our future, now..” check out a review here and another one here, and photos here, come through for the closing, frank chu is the guest speaker..