NEW WEBSITE! pretty excited about not having to stare at that boring ass gray ass website anymore, behold the new setup, couple fixes here and there, be patient my children.. my favorite feature is that the “celly phone photo of the day” has been upgraded and will now be referred to as “cellybrain”, because how smart is my celly phone, thats right i can update the site from anywhere at any time straight from my phone, crazzy, on the road, at the store, on the toilet, anywhere.. i cant wait for the day i can to replace my cameras, computers, all my shit with 1 celly phone implant.. this is a cell phone photo of the character i made on that new skate game which is super sick, thats right i made digi version of monkey, you might know him as the hamburger eyes mascot, look for him in the new issue of hamburger eyes which is deep in the zone.. you will also notice that PHOTO EPICENTER has been broken off onto its own site, also our new online store THE WORMHOLES is set and now ready to vomit all kinds of nectar upon your brains, updates all week.. also, the whole commenting system is way better with this new setup so feel free to chat us up..

5 responses to “NEW SHITTTZ”

  1. maggie Avatar

    good work ray!

  2. raden Avatar

    the new site is super nice. can’t wait for the new issue.

  3. Mark Hammond Avatar

    Most epic!

    carry on my way-ward sons,

  4. goldchain Avatar


  5. youngblood Avatar

    jahmon!!! raysta-fart-eye. big-ups!!!