4 responses to “ESTEVAN ORIOL”

  1. mike b Avatar

    this was perfect….the music, the mood, everything contrasted and complemented the artist.

    dope stuff.


  2. DNA Avatar

    I just saw a documentary on Nova Science about a man from Mexico who came to the US illegally and is now one of the world’s top brain surgeons. How about take some pictures of those kind of people instead of these drugged out losers with their ugly tattoes and stupid guns? I hate celebrating underachievement.

  3. justin v Avatar

    great post. thanks. estevan kills it

  4. n. Avatar

    @ DNA.
    Well this surgeon should get his photo taken by fellow surgeons. The point is not t hat Oriol is “celebrating underachievement,” he is simply documenting what he knows. He grew up around that and is profiting from it while simultaneously enlightening strangers to other ways of life they may be ignorant of. People like you. It’s not his fault that you are too dense to accept that the world is composed of, to simplify it for you, “good” and “bad.”