new podcast from solana! its a long one! i got it a while ago and i super lagged putting it up, but its sick and your retarded not to download it and rock it over and over.. click the link below, by now you know the dealio on “subscribing” to “podcasts” via “itunes”, if not look it up..


1. Get Stoned Ezy – The Afflicted Man
2. sniffin’ and snortin’ – Speed, glue, and shinki
3. indian summer – Blackwater park
4. un posto2 – Il balletto di bronzo
5. The Bomber – James Gang
6. beep beep – Juan de la cruz
7. Leavin’ Home – Jesse Hector
8. saturday rae – SOLid ground
9. Backseat Astronaut – Night After Night
10. Rock Bottom – UFO
11. Tush – ZZ Top
12. Flash – Coloured Balls
13. carolina carol bela – Os brazoes
14. Spill The Wine – Eric Burdon & War
15. Something Going – Telegraph Avenue
16. Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In The Spotlight) – Thin Lizzy
17. Suavecito Malo Cheech & Chong – mexican americans and beaners

One response to “SUMMER WAH WAH”

  1. Jills Avatar

    I rocked the Wah Wah mix first!! Swirl gave me the CDR that was s’posed to got to Ray Ray before I left for the road ’cause I am more cool cool…you’re totes jeals, BRO. (and also I know proper written English…IE “you’re” in lieu on “your”…duh)

    Miss yer eyes, hamburger!