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mark cross

matt furie

if you havent been paying attention, we are having a wicked benefit/fundraiser for the PHOTO EPICENTER on saturday feb 14. our awesome friends have donated the sickest photos and paintings and we are going to sell them for way cheap. it wont be silent auction or raffle or anything weird like that. its first come, first serve. you buy it and go home with it right there. its a win win..

heres the short list: ryan furtado, audrey erickson, dennis mcgrath, stefan simikich, josh lazcano, bill daniel, mark cross, pez, ted pushinsky, matthew bajda, alex martinez, matt furie, anthony blanchard, oskie mendoza, andrew laumann, austin mcmanus, ray potes, david potes, robert francisco, jay howell, toad, barry mcgee, david kaplan, jim goldberg, heather renee russ, gus, michael jang, justin visser, rachel styer, lonnie dean, sean jerd, john harding, lyndsey white, nicole hagen, jeremy conant, aiyana uedeson, jason roberts dobrin, dylan maddux, david uzzardi, dannunaki, jesse pollock, and many more..

the confirmed list is growing, ill be putting up photos all week, start your boners..

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  1. aaddaamm cc Avatar
    aaddaamm cc

    whoa pez is back! that looks awesome.
    are you going to post prices online?