new podcast! this one from suge white is our first all blues one but def not the last. the is the best kind of blues which usually means its the worst case of the blues. drink some whiskey today, get a job tommorrow..


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  1. David J Avatar
    David J

    hey, I’d really like to hear your podcasts, but I am rocking MediaMonkey and although it has a podcast subscribing function, I can’t seem to get your links to work!

    can you please link to the hosted files for download as mp3? that would rule.

    really looking forward to hear this blues podcast.

  2. Jeff Brown Avatar
    Jeff Brown

    This is so awesome! I am a huge fan of the blues and especially country blues. The music and artists on this podcast had such a huge impact on music as we know it today and paved the way for the rock n roll, hip hop movements, and many others That’s cool you guys did this, poeple need to be aware of this beautiful music. Thanks Hamburger Eyes.

  3. rzz Avatar

    you know we always wanted to put up blues podcasts but didnt think anyone would be feeling it. this is the shit, glad you like it and look out for lots more..

  4. rzz Avatar

    oh yeah, the podcast subscription link is this:

    or if you just go to this link, you can see them all too:

  5. Jeff Brown Avatar
    Jeff Brown

    For sure man, you put all the good dudes in there and a few I hadn’t heard yet. The Charlie Patton was great, that Fred McDowell version of John Henry is one of my faves too. Keep it coming. Old blues never gets old.

  6. Jeff Brown Avatar
    Jeff Brown

    Where’s that picture come from by the way?

  7. rzz Avatar

    yeaup suge white put all those dudes on there and then some. mississippi fred is the ulitmate. people of the world, go get some of that steakbone slide guitar music..

    suge sent me the picture, maybe he can answer that one.

  8. sugey Avatar

    i found the picture on the internets a while back, i can’t remember where.
    i’m stoked someone out there loves the blues. here’s the tracklist in case anyone cares:
    john hurt – spike driver blues
    furry lewis – judge harsh blues
    skip james – devil got my woman
    c.b. & axe gang – rosie
    fred mcdowell – john henry
    bukka white – fixin’ to die blues
    robert johnson – hellhound on my trail
    (i’m not sure who this is) – treatin’ me bad blues
    robert wilkins – that’s no way to get along
    beatrice tisdall – workhouse blues
    blind willie mctell – southern can is mine
    kansas joe & memphis minnie – when the levee breaks
    robert petway – ride ’em on down
    bertha lee & charley patton – mindreader blues
    blind willie johnson – john the revelator
    blind lemon jefferson – see that my grave is kept clean
    charley patton & bertha lee – oh death

  9. sleepydz Avatar

    jah mon i copped some furry lewis a while ago… noice!

  10. nofutureface Avatar

    this kicks ass, great podcast, thanks so much!

  11. and I just got around to listening to it tonight. HIGHLY recommended if you like the blues. Git it! Fixin’ to Die Blues