so im reading this marketing book and thought maybe i should intensify my internet presence, way koo koo moves but if you see me driving this amphibious lamborghini this time next year, then that means it was worth it, except mine would be painted arctic camo and have all the features like parascope, satellite dish, xbox, hydros, nitros, scrapers, dolphin crew, etc. so i fixed the lapteezy tight, downloaded new apps for the crackberry, look out for profiles on twitter, facebook, myspace 1, myspace 2, virb, linkedin, lightstalkers, flickr 1, flickr 2, youtube, and vimeo. also, some crews i belong to like the wormholes, where i post on regularly, and the almighty dustward nation, (check the dustward blog too) where i should be submitting some new stuff to shortly. also, ive been invited to post stuff on club mumble, and starting monday i will be manhandling the fecal face photo of the day..