when was the last time we was bloggy about the lab? if you print here you will be happy to know that we spent maybe 8 hours last week re-aligning and re-calibrating all the enlargers. what. they now exist in perfection making your job of printing masterpieces that much easier. PHOTO EPICENTER. come thru, we are running a hybrid of memberships and hourly rates, so no more excuses. also, the small office just opened up. $250/month inlcudes darkroom time. hit us up asap: people[at]photoepicenter.com

thomas campbell has been hanging out here in preparation for touring his new surf film THE PRESENT, check the trailer, theres a girl getting sooooooo pittttted..


  1. dmtz Avatar

    T MOSS!

  2. ScottyBininus Avatar

    rippping as usual