i gotta some photos printed on a shoe! they are a symbol and homage to the true story of an extra terrestrial that landed in north shore hawaii whose identity was kept secret until he had to save his girl from drowning at a waimea contest. when they found out he was an alien, they killed him. google it. sucks. anyways, KEEP COMPANY only made not so many of these and urban outfitters now has all of them, buy them here. your not cooler than the nanny and she wears keeps, so now you do..

5 responses to “BUY THIS”

  1. rzz Avatar

    even KK is gonna rock them!-

  2. yttocS Avatar

    whats up with those 10.5???
    did they even make them?

  3. Kirk Avatar

    I can’t even fucking believe you have your own shoe. Congrats.

  4. bobbylon Avatar

    Damn son! I need some. Air Rizza.

  5. yttocS Avatar

    got em dun. too sick.