HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 013 is in the oven, and its “turtle-heading”. help this baby come out please. ad space sales at an all time low, we look to any other resources available. this website KICKSTARTER can keep track everything in a clean manner, and keep you updated as well. consider making a pledge, check out OUR PAGE, check the video to see a sneak peek of whats happening inside the new issue. put it on your twitter, myspace, and facebook. email it to the right people. you get awesome prizes for donating, and you can even look at it as pre-ordering the mag. its a win win. oh yeah, if we dont make our goal, we get nothing! so help us make our goal! thanks. this awesome photo of cops vs. wicked witch by gavin stevens..

15 responses to “PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE”

  1. S.Lemon Avatar

    Pledged and posted about on my blog.

  2. rzz Avatar

    awesome! thanks so much!

  3. rzz Avatar

    people, dont let us be next!

    peep dis:

  4. Cali Avatar

    I’m in. Pledged it and blogged it. One love.

  5. rzz Avatar

    thanks cali!

  6. sebagresti Avatar

    to bad they don’t have paypal, i cant pay like this

  7. sebagresti Avatar

    its a bitch they dont let u pay through paypal, i cant help you guys out like this.

  8. frida dog Avatar
    frida dog

    done. frida dog pledged her savings.
    good luck! -bgo

  9. rzz Avatar

    yeah they want you to make an amazon acct, its similar to the paypal/ebay thing. oh well..

    thanks frida!

  10. S.Lemon Avatar

    Three days, so awesome. Congrats.

  11. jeff Otto O'Brien Avatar
    jeff Otto O’Brien

    congrats, awesome show!!! that was quick.

  12. Lori T Avatar
    Lori T

    I ponied up for you Ray and am happy to do it.
    I love HE.
    This is so so awesome and I hope you have many more issues in store.

  13. DAN BOULTON Avatar

    pledged, blogged and fingers crossed!

  14. Dan Abbe Avatar

    sweet, i pledged and i’m really glad you made it! i’m looking forward to seeing #13…