we did it! you did it! thanks to everyone who pledged on our KICKSTARTER PAGE!! we made our goal in 3 days! whuuut! i had doubts, crazy doubts, but never again will i question the strength of the nectar that is HAMBURGER EYES, you guys are great and i cant thank you enough. seeing as we have still a couple weeks of pledging, i want to put it out there that if we get anywhere near the $4000 mark, i will add 50 pages to the new issue!! we usually run 100 pages or less but this time, if possible, lets make a fatty. spread the word, but either way its just amazing that we will have the issue out at all, thanks again and again times 5 million!!.. this photo by BILL BURKE is gonna be in the new issue, mixed in an epic ocean of epic photos made possible thanks to you..

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  1. rzz Avatar

    you guys are killing it!!! i think in utah and i can have mulitple spouses, so lets ALL move there and get married because i want to marry you, i love you, im IN love with you.