we did it! again! we reached our 2nd goal of $4000 if you havent noticed, well notice this: the new hamburger eyes will have 150 pages! whut! how rad?! also, it seems that all the shoutouts to donaters has proved to be not so good twitter etiquette, so im going to doo all the shoutouts right here.. big thanks to you people who donated, you are the greatest humans on earth and in the entire galaxy -Caroline Cho, Owen Stegemann, Bruce Bothwell, amanda lopez, Michael Worful, jeelago, ricky montalvo, Melanie Flood, Jenkz Ardaniel, josh cowell, nathalie Roland, jafon Thomas Hakkinen, Jim Dirschberger, maurice, Brad Evans, Manne Sterner, and rivo yubara!! ..this photo by dave potes..