brand new HAMBURGER EYES ISSUE 013 available now in our online storefront, click here —> HAMBURGER EYELAND!!! . lots of new stuff in there, plus lots more coming. thanks again to all the donators, the photogs, the advertisers, and everyone else who made it happen. you guys are the shit, and your copies will go in the mail this week. (we finally picked up copies today! long story..) spread the word, buy stuff from HAMBURGER EYELAND..

9 responses to “HAMBURGER EYELAND”

  1. paul Avatar

    will it be sold in barnes and noble by any chance? i live near one..

  2. rzz Avatar

    nah. but you can buy it online here! or whats your local indepedant book seller? they can order copies thru our distributor.

  3. paul Avatar

    thnx man im buying it right now from hamburger eye land

  4. Kaster Avatar

    ordered dat shit. excited to see how it alllllll turned out!

  5. rse Avatar

    you guys should sell it thru Wall Mart, i ve heard they’re down with the organic-diy-indie movemente yall.

  6. paul Avatar

    do u guys ship them from sf? i ordered mine like 10 days ago but nothin yet :(

  7. rzz Avatar

    sorry man, we been crazy backed up. your order will go out this week if it hasnt already! thanks

  8. paul Avatar

    ah thats cool man. Thnx for the update.

  9. Kaster Avatar

    im gonna cry my goddamn face off if i dont get my HE in the mail ive ordered over 2 weeks ago. then when i do, ill cry with delight. either way ill cry :(