BRYAN DERBALLA is one of the awesomest dudes, on top of that he is killing it with his photography, check out his summer update:

“..Summer has ended all too soon. Fortunately, I was able to spend those sweltering months shooting engrossing projects and plum assignments. During the season, I scored the front cover of The Wall Street Journal twice, published an eight-page portfolio of Colombia work in a UK culture magazine, visited some of my favorite visual artists for Nike/Livestrong, kicked it in the South Bronx with young rappers for The FADER, rode with a moped gang and survived a mock naval battle for, learned a lot and had a blast. My online portfolio is updated with some recent work. Please take a look..”

**he forgot to note probably his biggest honor, that he had a bunch of photos in the summer issue of hamburger eyes!! oh whut!! just kidding, but he did have photos in there and if you googled him cuz your a fan and came across this page, how about buy the new issue!