new podcast! this one from WORMHOLES brother BIBIRU, lose lose lose lose lose your your your your your mind mind mind mind mind..

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7 responses to “AM I GOING INSANE?”

  1. tjduckets Avatar

    track list please!

  2. Bibiru Avatar

    Track List
    The Artwoods – If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
    Blues Magoos – Worried Life Blues
    The Zombies – Beechwood Park
    Jacques Dutronc – Hippie Hippie Hourrah
    Johnny’s Guitar – Supannahong
    Simla Beat 70/71 – Track 3
    The Eyes – When The Night Falls
    Traffic Sound – Virgin
    Maria Sabina- Finale

  3. rzz Avatar

    for those of u lookin for the old podcasts, i made a new catergory called “podcasts” and if u can figure it out, u can subscribe to the old feed and get all of them at once. sick!

    click here:

  4. dmtz Avatar

    noice micks beebzzz… for a pdm

  5. eddie Avatar

    chi chi chi chimones… a da da di do da… a da da di do da.. ehh-ehh.. ehh-ehh

  6. Kyle Scully Avatar

    Sergeant Shredly