new podcast! remember when TJ DUCKETS made the instant classic “I LOVE LOVE” ? well here he returns with the debate, the rebuttal, the counterpoint, however you want to call it.. HEARTBROKEN, enjoy it over and over..

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5 responses to “HEARTBROKEN”

  1. Davey Utz Avatar
    Davey Utz

    This one is real fine. Nice job!

  2. BIbiru Avatar

    fucken sick, 1 song in, need playlist already, please.

  3. tjduckets Avatar

    the moody blues – go now
    she & him – sentimental heart
    nick drake- which will
    furry lewis – when my baby left me
    otis redding – you don’t miss your water
    allman brothers band- whipping post
    led zeppelin – your time is gonna come
    the finches – leviathan
    bread – aubrey
    bob dylan – simple twist of fate
    beach boys – meant for you

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  5. ruby Avatar