pete brook over at the PRISON PHOTOGRAPHY site is feeling what i had to say about the future of photo books. i was pretty psyched since i been a huge fan of his site for a while now. the above photo by ILKA HARTMANN, whom peter interviews on the site marking the 40th anniversary of the start of the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz. click here to read that interview..

the caption for the above photo:
Atha Rider Whitemankiller at the Senator Hotel in San Francisco after the removal. Whitemankiller was a courageous and eloquent speaker to the press that day. His face reflects the disappointment felt by those who occupied the island for nineteen months but lost the final battle.

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  1. Pete Brook Avatar

    Ray ray! Cheers for the shout out mate. In other news, your Google Ads just shocked me into a recurring web-eye-flash. I see ads for Alcatraz tours everywhere. It’s borrowed down all septic, viral and subliminal into my braingrapes.

  2. rzz Avatar

    ha yes. what else is on your mind grapes? i know i hate the google ads, i think i made $4 in 6 months of running them..

  3. Griahong Avatar

    Atha is my cousin’s grandpa… She’s gonna be stoked! Thanks for posting this up Ray!