new podcast! this newest one from MIKE SLICE + MICHAEL HIRSCH, bump it, bump it, grind, rinse, and repeat. this is baby making music..

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**i have no idea why i could get this podcast to play in the mp3 player and not the last podcast from ivenki, so weird i know..

5 responses to “OOOH BABY”

  1. bobbylondon Avatar

    Dope,dope… Slizzle.

  2. slice Avatar

    bobby germany

  3. b u double ga err Avatar

    this is lovely n comfy…like my hush puppies.
    it’s soft and warm…like a buttamilk biscuit.

    ha ha ha, bobby germany.

  4. birdie Avatar

    can we get a tracklist??? x

  5. tim Avatar

    very good…any chance for track list???