new podcast! this one by WORMHOLES sect terra 3, hyperspace battalion, psychonaut division, brother BIBIRU. you are the light, god-mind. and what is, shall be. may this podcast be the soundtrack to the activation of your star seed, may the transformation happen today today today today today today today, tommorrow.. \\|//

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4 responses to “I’M HERE TO BUY DRUGS”

  1. BIbiru Avatar

    Track List:
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Ode To Space Hassle
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Þungur Hnífur
    The Jesus & Mary Chain – Degenerate
    The Jesus & Mary Chain – Kill Surf City
    Honolulu Mountain Daffodils – Psychic Hit-List Victim No. 8
    Honolulu Mountain Daffodils – Farenheit 192
    Spiritualized – Cheapster
    Spiritualized – The Twelve Steps
    The Gun Club – Fire Of Love
    The Gun Club – Mother Of Earth

  2. Bobbymunich Avatar

    Epic… Miss you guys man.

  3. BIbiru Avatar

    Intro by Ennio Morricone – Fist full Of Dollars

  4. ivenki Avatar

    ta cool!