new HAMBURGER EYES tshirt!! one of my favorite photographers BRIAN DAVID STEVENS was kind enough to let us use his photo for this apocalyptic tshirt desgin. Are things going to get better? Only you can make change. This tshirt isnt about complaining, it hopes to invoke and empower a revolution deep inside your loins.. PURCHASE IT!! we have lots more come from brian, i cant wait to show you. check out brian’s blog, DRIFTING CAMERA..

3 responses to “ITS GOING TO GET WORSE”

  1. Lola Avatar

    Totally wishing you had some M or S sizes left. Dang.

  2. rzz Avatar

    i had some put aside for some homies, but they never came thru! so i put them up in the store just now! get it! im gonna re-up on this one anyways, so if not check back in a week..

  3. brian david stevens Avatar

    if anyone sends me pics of themselves wearing it I’ll put them up on the blog!