new podcast!! this one another classic by TJ DUCKETS talking about them talking songs, them talkin talking song blues, you may not know the blues, but you know you done had da blues, and you know once you done had da blues you might be talking about it, you might be talkin about talking about it, and you might be writing songs about talkin about talking about it, so be about it and celebrate the birth of american music..

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  1. Hyperborean Avatar

    Best PODcast so far. IMHO.

  2. LT Avatar


  3. suckapunch Avatar

    anyone got a list of the artists playing?

  4. Shitstijn Avatar

    podcast was much enjoyed during my sunday bikeride through the local open-air WWII museum

  5. tjduckets Avatar

    abner jay – cocaine
    mississippi john hurt – spike driver blues
    furry lewis – judge boushay blues
    hazel dickens – black lung
    the new lost city ramblers – the little girl and the dreadful snake
    peggy seeger – o the wind and rain
    bentley boys – down on penny’s farm
    peggy seeger – the two sisters
    paul clayton – who’s going to buy you ribbons
    bama – stackerlee
    mississippi john hurt – talkin’ casey jones
    abner jay – bring it with you when you come

  6. augustbison Avatar

    Smokin!! I love this mix.

  7. Jeremiah Avatar

    Perfect. deserves an award.

  8. Alvaro Avatar

    i wove it

  9. j peterman Avatar
    j peterman

    where did you find this version of “the two sisters” by peggy seeger? i’ve spent days scouring the internet for it and i can’t find it anywhere.