new podcast! this one by our very own SLEEPY D will recall your inner 80’s new/cold/dark/minimal/wave rocker to practice cool gloves in the mirror and pretend your from another more icy country, trip on it..

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8 responses to “A DARKNESS IN MY SOUL”

  1. George Avatar

    As always, A flawless Playlist.

  2. bobbylondon Avatar

    Super sweet podcast cousin. On repeat. Threepeat.
    Beebz be flying and shit. Miss you guys.

  3. Twax Avatar

    HE podcasts alwayz hit the spot

  4. ivenki Avatar

    Someone better call a doctor, this mix is sick. Track list por favor.

  5. b00b Avatar

    tracklist, baby.

  6. dmtz Avatar


    charles de goal – exposition
    cultural decay – brave new world
    guerre froide – ersatz
    erste weibliche fleischergellin – ich fress dir aus der hand sugalo – fünf minuten vor buffalo
    league of nations – thin ice wall
    les edits du golem – pete wolf
    coldreams – eyes
    uv pop – (track 05, dont kno title)
    les provisoires – last tango
    sudeten creche – dance
    five or six – another reason
    solid space – a darkness in my soul

  7. bobbylondon Avatar

    Ist serh gut.

  8. Raphael Villet Avatar

    soooo good perfect for cooking, and developing