pacman fights clottey this weekend! gonna be fun! in celebration of this fight i put up the remaining prints i had from his training camp last may when he fought ricky hatton. and i put them on sale! check them out , click here..

3 responses to “PACMAN”

  1. dmtz Avatar

    boring ass fight dude

  2. rzz Avatar

    that fight was a testament to pacman’s skill, speed, and power. he had the much bigger and much stronger opponent locked up for 12 rounds. you should feel lucky to have witnessed such a brilliant performance. pacman is a maestro and this symphony of punishment may have been, some critics are saying, his best yet..

  3. jamie goh Avatar
    jamie goh

    The brilliance of Manny Pacquiao is amazing to behold! Another 12 round highlight reel for Pacman. I give it up to clottey for not getting knocked out (even though he was shell shocked from the moment the first bell rang, knowing that if he threw punches his ass was goin to sleep)! Pac out-boxed him, showed improved defense, and even out-jabbed his own record. At the end of the fight Pac wanted to go another 2 rounds. After watching a lot of Pac fights you start forgetting how most Pro fights look (3 times less excitement). Most fights don’t end with a knock out and some boxing fans actually prefer to see a 12 round technical battle rather than a slugfest. Obviously, Clottey wasn’t fighting back so it wasn’t as exciting as Pac’s previous fights. However, this fight allowed Pac to display his endless combinations, speed, footwork, ring generalship, and humour (when he “clapped” clottey’s ears for covering up all night). Next stop…Mayweather! Pac is gonna crush that defense!!!