so, theres this awesome company called POWERSHOVEL and they make cool cameras called SUPERHEADZ and now they make a digital camera that also shoots video too, its called the DIGITAL HARINEZUMI. those japanese sites might be hard to handle, but the homies at TURNTABLE LAB carry some of those models. these cameras have natural defects and therefore add cool effects to your stuff, like holgas you know. but now imagine that in video form. these little digis shoot video like it was super 8 film. it looks awesome, check THEIR YOUTUBE channel for clips.. aaaannyyyways, for a show off fest they gave the camera to a bunch of big time people, too many to list here but that list includes big bad DAVID POTES whose stuff was placed right in between kim gordon’s and chan wook park’s (director of OLD BOY). too bad it was last friday and we missed it..

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  1. dmtz Avatar

    the show is travelling to LA, tokyo, and paris! lookout!