feeling bloggy right now, i got bit by a spider last nite. like 2 times on both arms and 1 in the neck?? the lil asshole spider was hungry and possbily crewed up with some other fatass dickhead accomplices. anyways, the bites have been spewing puss balls all day so if i die this week, please say it was a cia plot instead of venomous bug bites. id like my body disposed into the mouth of a live volcano, dropped out of a helicopter. preferably MOUNT KILAUEA, big island hawaii. DAMIEN DEVINE‘s dad, seamus, is a pilot. contact damien he will know what to do, we already talked about it long ago. and yes, i did give him permission to turn my idea into an entrepreneurial venture, i just want to be the first dead body that gets plopped. after that he can start making all the dough he wants off plopping other dead bodies. hes business savy and always has lots of good advice for me, so i owe him. this photo by MARK CROSS. did you know that mark and stefan are in holland right now setting up A SHOW? did you know they have not sent one CELLYBRAIN photo since they been gone? maybe their phones dont work there? did you know our TUMBLR page is going off and we have ridonks amounts of hits on it? did you know, because i didnt until today, that my email wasnt forwarding properly and i havent gotten 7 days worth of emails? i was thinking to myself, “man i never been this caught up, im gonna do jack shit,” and this morning i figured it out and my inbox barfed up apocalyptic amounts of nutter levels of nutterific nuttyness..