Bill Daniel presents an evening of lost and found music films:

lost music films 1965-87

film and photo tour

Film Tramp Bill Daniel is back in the van on tour with a new program of recently unearthed 16mm footage.

SONIC ORPHANS is a compilation reel of lost and found clips projected on 16mm; some silent, some that rock. They are all rare and strange celluloid gems, many have been seen by almost no one and have never seen the light of youtube. Most of this footage is truly orphaned film— abandoned, lost, found, and now presented raw without editing. The presentation includes a discussion of “orphan films” as they are called by archivists, and at some venues on tour, a one-night photo exhibit.

Featuring: The Beatles/Avengers/Huns/Boy Problems/Sonic Youth/Tennessee Ernie Ford/Butthole Surfers/Johnny Cash