THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE AUCTION!! thanks to all the photogs and artists for donating, thanks to the fans for bidding. it was an insane experience and we are forever grateful to be able to continue doing what we do. thanks to FOTOVISION for collaborating with us. thanks to mother earth for providing an abundant harvest and making it rain our deserted eyeland. bill collectors you will get your lettuce, landlords you will get breaded out, and whatever cheddar is left will go to the next issue of hamburger eyes..

also, there was a handful of stuff that didnt sell. maybe some of you were interested but didnt have an ebay account or were on a flight or was taking a nap. like this one above by ARI MARCOPOULOS who was just in the whitney biennale. its a 16×20 screenprint with silver and black ink. also, some of the photos that sold we actually may have more prints of. like we may have the whole edition here at headquarters. contact me direct! and make me an offer i cant refuse: ray[at]