theres a lotta rumors going around about the PHOTO EPICENTER and i may have accidently started those rumors myself, but not all of it is true. the truth is it has evolved to another level. the truth is we have been getting a lot of custom print work recently and the truth is its awesome to work with different people on different projects and seeing it through all its stages all the way to the exhibition or the book or both. and through business to business relations, we are now able to offer drum scanning and digital c-prints up to 50×80. it is pretty much now a full service custom print project space. and its amazing. we will take jobs per project and monthly memberships will still available, but space will be limited and rates will be adjusted as per estimated usage. feel free to contact us anytime when you have a big job for us, or when you need help with some printing, or when you need a darkroom to get busy in.

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  1. rath Avatar

    good for you guys looking forward to printing with you in the future!