nuevo podcast! éste es MICHOBLACK y se llama “SOÑADOR”, que se traduce en inglés para “DREAMER”. disfrutar de sus vacaciones de invierno, relájese y piense en todas las posibilidades del 2011 y más allá ..

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11 responses to “SOÑADOR”

  1. La Sad Girl Avatar
    La Sad Girl

    I just wanna make love all night

  2. rzz Avatar

    you came to the right place, boo

  3. East Los Tijuas Avatar
    East Los Tijuas

    I think I know that guy, is his name BB?

  4. bobbylondon Avatar

    Lovely! Miss yall cats!

  5. rzz Avatar

    we miss you too bobbylon!!! come visit soon.

  6. El Espacecholo Avatar
    El Espacecholo

    Pinche Michonegro! Matandola! U wanna join my new band? Los Villagers

  7. amart Avatar

    I think I bought this at 7-11 once, ultimate lowrider mix. I’m lovin’ it.

  8. Michoblack Avatar

    Los Villagers sounds way sick, count me in.

  9. Papitas Avatar

    Awwww….you took it way back. Donde esta mi chulo to cruise with?

  10. pablo Avatar

    do you have a track listing anywhere?

  11. Michoblack Avatar

    1. Natural High – Bloodstone
    2. Love Can Be So Wonderful – The Tempree
    3. I Want You ‘Round – Mary Wells/Smokey
    4. Have I Sinned – Donnie Elbert
    5. There’s Nothing I Can Do – Mike & The
    6. Hello Stranger – Barbara Lewis
    7. I Like the Way You Love Me – Brenton Wood
    8. La-La (Means I Love You) – The Delfonics
    9. There’s a Moon Out Tonight – The Capris
    10. Baby You Got It – Brenton Wood
    11. Ooo Baby Baby – The Miracles
    12. Just Because – Lloyd Price
    13. I’m So Proud – The Impressions
    14. Smile Now, Cry Later – Sunny & the Sunliners
    15. The Sly, Slick and The Wicked – The Lost Generation
    16. So This Is Our Goodbye – The Moments