new podcast! by SLEEPY D! you may have noticed the burning light buried deep within, do not be afraid for it is only the activation of your star seed. behold, it has grown into the most powerful force of the universe. the time has come for you to unleash it and lay to waste all battalions of fear before you..

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3 responses to “THE FIRE IN MY HEAD”

  1. strohed out Avatar
    strohed out

    secret tracklist supremacists,s

  2. c Avatar

    nice! tracklist por favor?

  3. dmtz Avatar

    sorry my laptop was out of commish the past 2 weeks! things fall apart to come back together… here is the tracklist:

    peaking lights – marshmellow yellow
    sun araw – deep cover
    voice of the seven woods – the fire in my head
    mariah – 心臓の扉
    W-H-I-T-E – twin tigers
    lord boyd – better beedies
    jeans wilder – in my dreams
    silk flowers – small fortune

    this mix was meant for the spring equinox.