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Marking the first Hamburger Eyes (HE) international photography exhibition, HE presents Garden Of Eden. Taking place in Paris, the exhibit will feature photographs from HE contributing photographers. 100’s of photos will be on display, consisting of black & white and color photos, ranging in size from 11 x 14 to 30 x 40.

Garden of Eden is an exploration into what makes mortal humans engage in epic combat. When the Gods are mad, why do Earth humans suffer? Banished from paradise forever, mankind must create and forge their own personal Valhalla in this battlefield realm called Earth. Hamburger Eyes creates a dialogue with the viewer by showcasing, through numerous photographs, how the DNA of our cybernetic existence is forged from deep within the magic beans of these ancient stories .

Photography by Ray Potes, David Potes, Stefan Simikich, Jason Roberts Dobrin, Ted Pushinsky, Brian David Stevens, Ryan Furtado, Lisa Weiss, Patrick Griffin, Alessandro Simmoneti, Tobin Yelland, Michael Jang, Jai Tanju, Chris Beale, Alex Martinez, Oscar Mendoza, Dennis Mcgrath, Mark Murrmann, Andrea Sonnenberg, and many more..

Accompanying the photo exhibition, featured zines from the new King Hamburger Eyes publishing company will be for sale.

Photo exhibition will be held at:

0fr Bookstore
20, rue Dupetit-Thomas
(Carreau du Temple)
75003 Paris

Opening reception
May 27, 6-9pm

Exhibition runs
May 27 – June 2, 2011

Sponsored in part by Levi’s

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  1. bobbylondon Avatar

    It is so on!

  2. rzz Avatar

    cant wait!!!!

  3. chonie Avatar

    actually, it’s not on at all. no money mo problems. but berlin izz awwwwn

  4. Jim Casper Avatar

    Yo Hamburger Guys–Really cool! Hope to see you in Paris.