I hardly ever look at my Google analytics because I always forget the password, but I just looked at it and holy shit I didn’t realize how many of you actually look at this site on a daily basis! danke, Germany and merci, France! I’ll start blogging more if that keeps you coming back. people have asked me to blog more, and I’m like why? but then I realize it’s because people are bored at their desk jobs? hopefully it will translate to more sales.

I can blog from my phone now so instead of checking out cameras on ebay app all day, or voting down dumb cellybrain blasters I guess I can blog too.

Here’s a celly photo of some dudes feet I shot after my brother and sister picked me up from the airport and we went to bob’s bbq plate lunch spot in kalihi valley, Honolulu. I was there for 2 weeks but just got back.

anyways, at first glance looks like he just got back from the beach. some sand here and there. but upon further inspection, it’s like fucking weird scales. I’m always interested in other people’s skin conditions because I have a skin condition. mine isn’t that nutty tho. I bet aloe Vera would help.

see how rad blogging is?

2 responses to “HITS”

  1. fabstre Avatar

    “…or voting down dumb cellybrain blasters…” ok so you are the man behind all those shitty fake members names on CB : “aflcmuwgff”, “bridgettq”, “yolandamc”, “bootsnv”, “socazacbomo”… is that serious?…

  2. rzz Avatar

    ahhh. the software im using on the cellybrain is very suceptible to spam user accounts, meaning someone is running some spam on it. as for voting down, i do vote down bad photos, but i always vote up good photos!