interesting article that mark murrmann linked to on facebook. you should follow him because he is always posting awesome articles about photography.

read it here:

mark was saying how he just bought silverefex (digital b/w conversion software) but that theres no comparison to being in the darkroom. i just downloaded that software too. its awesome. its confusing times. i shoot dslr for jobs, usually i borrow or rent one, and recently bought a digi point and shoot for web and product stuff but it turns out that the pictures are so nice and colorful and crispy and contrasty that i been bringing it out with me a bunch. maybe i will post some photos i shot recently with it. anyways, i am now feeling the chasm. i have heard of it, i have seen it, but now i am actually in it. the better i get with digital cameras and all the softwares, the further away the darkroom goes. im late on it, i tried to avoid it, but now im in the quicksand of this conversation. nowadays you can take any digital photo from any digital camera and make it look like any film ever made and reproduce it at any size. on one hand, i dont breath chemicals for hours at a time, so its healthier and its more cost effective. on the other hand, i have spent the better half of my life in the darkroom, it was to be “where i belong”. and if you know what you are doing and know how to make good negatives, nothing can beat the richness in a print made in the darkroom. for color and b/w. and like the article says, for b/w photos , galleries and museums only want fiber prints. not like that ever happens in my life, but what if it did. well if it did, you might know that digi labs can now expose a digi file to fiber paper and they process the print through traditional chems. shazam, you have fiber prints, but how “good” are they? thats tech talk and getting away from the point. but actually kind of not because that is exactly the point! the chasm is causing my recent personality disorder. im calling it “THE SCHIZOID CHASM”. going to the store, what camera is rolling with, just bring both, but who wants to carry both, well if you wanna shoot both, i dont wanna shoot both im just going to the store, bring a bag, fuck a bag, what about a jacket with pockets, its tshirt weather, what if something cracks off and you shoot it on the wrong camera, but what am i going to use that photo for anyways, zines, but what if its a darkroom masterpiece situation, i dont know about that, but its nice out, i dont have dough for chems and paper right now anyways, yeah you do, its just one photo, but it will haunt you foooooreveeeeeeeeeer..