so if you havent noticed , “8 BALL ZINE FAIR” has collaborated with “ALL DAY EVERY DAY” and they got a newsstand project called “THE NEWSSTAND” at one of the subway stations underneath brooklyn. they are selling all kinds of zines and books and goodies. looks pretty fun. anyways, they also have been doing all kinds of cool events there and this thursday happens to be another cool one which is us, “HAMBURGER EYES” chilling and selling stuff. they will be promoting the boxset collab we just did with “8 BALL ZINES”. i know there is only like 4 boxsets left, maybe less, but you can also buy those books individually, theres still some of those i think. they will also be selling our latest publications, specifically “MANKIND No. 3” because i just sent them a bunch of copies. “SLEEPY D” will be there manning the situation and he just told me there might be local news station cameras filming the shit. so a) you should go, and b) when you get there get buck wild and get on tv. sucks i can’t be out there for it, but if you go itd be cool if you insta’d it so i can fomo all over myself. also, lele and dave will be dj-ing an after party somewhere after. be sure to go bonkers for me there too. thanks.