It’s been awhile since I wrote. I mean, I do post regularly, but haven’t typed more than a few sentences in years I think. I been thinking a lot about how to re-design the website. Then I started thinking about how not to re-design the website. Then I got stuck. And if you have been paying attention, the site has been stuck for like 6 months.

This site started as a blog companion to the zine. And it was simple and we had tons of traffic. But then flickr , tumblr, insta, etc happened and traffic dramatically fell off. So naturally you try to play with the other outlets, farming out all your content, in order to drive traffic back to your site and then years go by and you find your own website all skinny and sad and alone. You start thinking no one cares about the site, they just want the feed on their app.

I was always thinking how to get hits back to this site but I had it all fucking backwards. I was blinded by the reblogs, likes, favorites, and retweets. Then I got lazy. But I gotta go back to what made this site and what made the whole Internet. That’s right, blogging. I gotta make the content here first, then spread that out on the social media muffin afterwards if at all. “Yeah no shittttt” you might be thinking. I guess I haven’t been thinking. And now I’m thinking out loud and you have to sit through it.

So today I brought it way back. This template here was the original WordPress blog template. Super chill. I will be updating here regularly, and there secondarily maybely.

We rebooted Hamburger Eyes zine up after a long hiatus. We messed around in all kinds of other dumb projects but finally came back to da kine. It seems to be the same path for the website. Welcome to 2001. Our past is your future. If you made it this far, you are now part the resistance..

Over and out

2 responses to “BLOG TOWN”

  1. pauly Avatar

    i tuned in today after not tuning in for awhile…stoked on the new (old) direction.
    back to da kine. well put.

  2. rzz Avatar

    thank you pauly!