I think part of the fun of Hamburger Eyes is seeing the spreads. All these random moments from random photographers at random times in random places seemingly fit all together to tell some kind of story. I just found a folder of all these layouts from random past issues, I think it was for a slide show I had to do. It makes me think in these modern times maybe we should do an e-book release of some of the past issues? I don’t know if that’s the way I like to look at books, but then again, more often than not, I now find myself reading websites, articles, and books off my phone and tablet anyways. What do you think? Would you even want to download a photo book? And what would you even pay for a pdf download of 100 pages of awesome photos?

2 responses to “SPREAD 4 BREAD”

  1. drew Avatar

    i prefer the physical books. probably wouldn’t want to buy a pdf book.

    been buying your stuff since 2005. keep up the good work.

  2. rzz Avatar

    thank u!! yeah i dont know how i feel about the pdfs either, but it is sad knowing that we can never see those old issues again. we dont even have all of them. not physically or digitally, but cest la vie. just gotta keep making more and shooting more i guess!