This is a follow up to my 1 BILLION pages goal.

I did the math. I added up our page count and multiplied it by print run. I had to approximate the count on at least half of the titles. For example, all the stapled zines. I counted them all at 40 pages even though some were less and some were more. But I rounded down on the print run of those zines. I put them all at 50 copies, most of them were more. I figure it evens out.

I also added in our 2 books published by other publishers. And since I don’t know their print runs, I just put them at 1000. Even though the first is for sure around 3000 and I am guessing the second one is 1000. I think these books should be allowed in because it is still our stuff going out into the world.

3,236,900 is the total page count.

And that is based on approx 10,436 pages, which puts our average print run at 310 copies per title.

For fun, let’s see how many photos that is.

I am guessing running horizontal photos vs vertical photos is about 50/50. We usually put 2 photos per page with horizontal and 1 photo per page with vertical.

10,436 pages x 1.5 photos = 15,654 photos

Another way to do it:

5,218 pages x 2 horizontal photos = 10,436 horizontal photos

5,218 pages x 1 vertical photos = 5,218 vertical photos

15,654 photos total

This number is surprisingly small to me. I am sure each of you has 10,000 photos chilling on your phone right now. But it just goes to show how far 1 little photo can go. Should I make a goal for total photo count? Nah, I’m just going to stick to the 1 BILLION pages goal because that sounds rad.

I added the page counter to the bottom of the catalog page so you can keep score too:

Let’s get it!