It’s done. I unplugged from the social media matrix. All the Hamburger Eyes accounts deleted. It feels good. I wasn’t planning to say much about it, especially since I deleted all my personal accounts last week and no one said anything, texted, or emailed me about it. But maybe I should say the main reason is that it just isn’t fun any more. Posting, liking, comments, DMs, hashtags, screenshots. Over it. The cons are starting to out weigh the pros. Not trying to run a campaign or a crusade or anything, just for me it is time to abort mission.

Yes it is very distracting and time consuming, but lots of things are. It’s the exploitation of the human brain that is getting sketchy. Zuckerberg openly admits to programming our behaviors. And then sells that data. He makes money while we get lost in algorithms of fomo and ego and vanity and dopamine hits.

What about the business? What about traffic? We get more website hits from Google than social media. And we don’t really need thousands of random people following us, we just need a couple hundred legit ones. Maybe over thinking it? What about connecting? It is nice to connect with old and new friends especially in other cities for sure, but email works too. Books and zines work even better.

This all sounds very serious but it’s not. I think it’s going to be very chill. We will keep this blog and plan to update it constantly, so stay following us here and subscribe to our email list for all the classified info. You can unsubscribe at any time.